Has Black Friday changed the way we buy electrical goods?

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Has Black Friday truly changed the way that we buy electrical goods? Will we ever return to the same style of electronic purchases again? Or are we skewed forever by this big business propaganda that promises immense savings on this one golden day of the year? The answer is, no.

No, because if we were as corrupted by that day as bad as they’d like us to be, then we would all be swinging sledgehammers and pickaxes and painting the president’s wife’s toenails. The truth is, is that they don’t have nearly as much control on us as they think or desire to have.

They can’t submit us to a day of dismay and wake up during ungodly hours over a cheap cell phone or laptop that, in all honesty, is not worth as much as they believe they are to be. That’s why they are able to “reduce” the price in the first place because when it comes to the cost of the material, it’s practically worthless. That’s why many still go to trusted options such as those who specialise in Warrington electrical supplies‌ ‌and other regional sellers.

But the technology aspect of that laptop is worth much more than that barrow full dirt. The intense amount of immense years of thought and deducing reasoning and scientific discoveries are actually worth something. That is why that practically worthless heap of plastic and electrodes is worth something. It is worth a million years of hard work, well the schematic and calculations for that laptop are anyway.

So has Black Friday changed the way we buy electronics? Yes and no. Yes because it gives insight to the real objective of human society and no because we will always fall back on what we know; love, hard work, and integrity. So let’s keep working together to stay strong as a whole and always bring ourselves to a brighter and better day than the last. We must be strong in numbers and in individuality. We must each have good character and a sense of well-to-do’ness confirmed by experience and quantum equations. We must follow what we know to be right and always do what is best for ourselves as individuals.

Black Friday has also changed the way we buy electronics by its vastly immense sales of electronic devices and a large number of electronic devices themselves. As I mentioned before, the material is dirt cheap and the technology and brain work is what makes it as valuable as it is. So with that being said, they can take one day out of 365 and make those electronics cheap because in all reality those products are relatively cheap to make, material wise, but the technology and forethought are what gives it its value.

Given that it is rather expensive to have a humongous team of braincases all working full-time shifts for these technologies, knowledge, experience, and intellect to be worked into an advanced (developed), there is a lot of “value” behind them. So cross your T’s and dot those eyeballs because you better watch out; the braincases are coming through.